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Bees WaxBees Wax

This bar of beeswax is for use with natural hemps. The addition of wax ensures the hemp will grip the wood or plastic in an effective manner, ensuring the hemping doesn't turn inside the stock
Rubber Blowpipe ValveRubber Blowpipe Valve

The classic "clack" Valve. A proper seal on the blowpipe is a great help in creating a stable tone and frees a piper to concentrate on fingering rather than blowing
Highland reeds bottle water trapHighland reeds bottle water trap

Standard water trap for synthetic zip bag
Flares Jet  2 EarPhones Aluminium from FlareFlares Jet 2 EarPhones Aluminium from Flare

Imagine if you had X-ray hearing.
Black Waxed Hemp 50gBlack Waxed Hemp 50g

Black Waxed Hemp 50g. Ideal for forming seals around all joints on the pipes and especially on tuning slides.
Ear-Q acoustic filter EarplugsEar-Q acoustic filter Earplugs

The Ear-Q acoustic filter provides a large open air passage into EAR-Q close up filter 1 the ear, minimising the occlusion effect whilst keeping the ear ventilated for the ultimate user comfort.
Isolate Aluminium Ear PlugsIsolate Aluminium Ear Plugs
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Revolutionary solid aluminium micro ear protectors that isolate you from noise like never before.
Deluxe Accessories Kit BagDeluxe Accessories Kit Bag

Kit bag to hold all you piping accessories.
12pk Reed Absorb12pk Reed Absorb

Reed Absorbs - absorb moisture or saliva that collects at the bottom of the reed in your practice chanter.
Moose Tube SingleMoose Tube Single
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Moose Tubes are tubes for connection to the Mooseture Control System or other suitable moisture control sytems.