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Rubber Blowpipe ValveRubber Blowpipe Valve

The classic "clack" Valve. A proper seal on the blowpipe is a great help in creating a stable tone and frees a piper to concentrate on fingering rather than blowing
Mooseture Control System  Chanter/Blowpipe Canister with TubesMooseture Control System Chanter/Blowpipe Canister with Tubes

The Moose Chanter/Blowpipe Canister can be connected to either the chanter stock, as a canister, or the blowpipe stock as a tube trap.
Hylands In-Line Drone ValvesHylands In-Line Drone Valves

Hylands In-Line Drone Valves have specifically been designed and developed to assist pipers in striking in and cutting off their bagpipe drones cleanly and efficiently.
Full Set Up Mooseture Control SystemFull Set Up Mooseture Control System

After several years of research and developement Moose Bagpipes have released their Mooseture Control System.

The Mooseture Control System gives pipers options for most moisture control... More...
Bees WaxBees Wax

This bar of beeswax is for use with natural hemps. The addition of wax ensures the hemp will grip the wood or plastic in an effective manner, ensuring the hemping doesn't turn inside the stock
Moose Tubes 3 Short and 1 Long with Connectors SetMoose Tubes 3 Short and 1 Long with Connectors Set

Moose Tubes are tubes for connection to suitable moisture control sytems.
Moose Tubes take seconds to fit and/or replace without any need to remove a stock from the bag!
EarPeace Musicians HD Ear plugs RedEarPeace Musicians HD Ear plugs Red

EarPeace HD professional grade hearing protection is perfect for any loud music environment. Whether you are on the stage or in the crowd, you will hear clearly and safely with EarPeace. Comfortable f... More...
Isolate Pro Titanium Machine Finish Ear PlugsIsolate Pro Titanium Machine Finish Ear Plugs
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Revolutionary solid titanium micro ear protectors that isolate you from noise like never before.
Cloth Brushes - set of 4 from RG HardieCloth Brushes - set of 4 from RG Hardie

Cotton Brushes- Set of 4. Essential maintenance items. Regular cleaning of pipe bores will preserve both tone and the wood of any pipe.
Airtight Seasoning Box
£254.15 / £216.03

Take advantage of this great offer of 24 bottles for your pipe band.