QT20\'s Musicians Earplugs
QT20's Musicians Earplugs
QT-20’s enhance your enjoyment of music & loud events by
reducing the level of potentially harmful frequencies while
retaining the overall clarity. QT-20’s are soft, easy to use &
have a discrete skin coloured tone.

With a choice of 2 interchangeable filter levels (high & low)
you can adjust your earplugs to get the correct level of noise
reduction in almost any situation. Ideal for: musicians,
nightclubs, festivals, sporting events & much more.

Each set of QT20's comes with an aluminium keyring
case so that you can carry your earplugs and
filters everywhere you go!

High Filter Attenuation (White)
SNR 27 | H - 31dB | M - 24dB | L - 18dB

Medium Filter Attenuation (Green)
SNR 19 | H - 21dB | M - 16dB | L - 12dB