Bagpipe Drone CorksBagpipe Drone Corks
£3.95 / £3.16
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3 Drone Corks. A simple and very useful way of temporarily stopping drones without the need for reed manipulation. Great for tuning, warming up and an essential part of a pipers kit.
Bagpipe Stock CorksBagpipe Stock Corks
£5.95 / £4.76
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Set of 4 or 5 Stock Corks. Essential maintenance item allowing a piper to block the stocks to check the bag is airtight. They are also necessary for seasoning a leather pipe bag.

Blowpipe Valves 3pk
£6.45 / £5.81
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Made by Ayrshire Bagpipe Company
Hylands In-Line Drone ValvesHylands In-Line Drone Valves
£59.95 / £56.95

Hylands In-Line Drone Valves have specifically been designed and developed to assist pipers in striking in and cutting off their bagpipe drones cleanly and efficiently.
Little Mac ValveLittle Mac Valve
£12.95 / £11.66

Little Mac Non Return Valve for the Highland Bagpipe
Moose ValveMoose Valve
£31.95 / £28.76

The Moose Valve is the Worlds first bagpipe non restrictive valve suitable for every bagpipe set up since the original flap valve. The Moose Valve offers 100% confidence for every piper combined with ... More...
Rubber Blowpipe ValveRubber Blowpipe Valve
£4.45 / £3.56

The classic "clack" Valve. A proper seal on the blowpipe is a great help in creating a stable tone and frees a piper to concentrate on fingering rather than blowing
Tonemaster Drone ValvesTonemaster Drone Valves
£27.95 / £25.16

Made by Tonemaster

Set of 3 high performance drone valves. To fit in the bottom of stocks.
Yellow Drone ValvesYellow Drone Valves
£49.95 / £47.45