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RGH00 Hardie BagpipesRGH00 Hardie Bagpipes
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Made from African Blackwood are the choice of military pipe bands and proudly owned by pipers worldwide. They have their own unique look, available in a variety of affordable models making them ideal ... More...
McCallum AB3/ESMcCallum AB3/ES
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Imitation ivory projecting mounts, imitation ivory ferrules,imitation ivory ringcaps, imitation ivory bushes, engraved alloy slides, engraved alloy & imitation ivory mouthpiece
TIZIP Zipper Bag LubricantTIZIP Zipper Bag Lubricant

Does what it says on the tube in this case
White Practice Chanter Reed 4 PackWhite Practice Chanter Reed 4 Pack

Synthetic practice chanter reeds, black and white in colour.
McCallum not Combed Plastic Blowpipe-Wide Bore McCallum not Combed Plastic Blowpipe-Wide Bore
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Available in Short, Standard, Junior Expandable, Standard Expandable, Junior Universal and Standard Universal.
2pk Mouthpiece Guards2pk Mouthpiece Guards
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Mouthpiece guards. Slip these guards on the end of your mouth piece to protect your teeth and your bagpipe mouthpiece.
Available from Pipers Choice and unbranded
PH06H Henderson BagpipesPH06H Henderson Bagpipes
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Peter Henderson® bagpipes, hand crafted from the finest African Blackwood, are the most sought after bagpipe in the world. Their unique sound and tonal qualities ensure pipers of all abilities aspire... More...
Black Bagpiper Chanter ProtectorBlack Bagpiper Chanter Protector

Hard tube to keep your chanter safe.
McCallum McC2 Plastic Pipe ChanterMcCallum McC2 Plastic Pipe Chanter
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In 2007, McCallum Bagpipes revealed the brand new McCallum Solo Chanter. The chanter was designed and is played by one of the world's most highly decorated soloists, Willie McCallum.
G1 Platinum Pipe Chanter Reed 3 PackG1 Platinum Pipe Chanter Reed 3 Pack
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Available in Easy or Medium

Larger Quantities available on request