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Melvin Solo Bagpipe Chanter ReedMelvin Solo Bagpipe Chanter Reed

Melvin reeds are crafted to meet a high standard of precision sound from a chanter reed.
A pipe chanter reed designed to be played by the soloist piper and specifically to have a good solid pib... More...
Melvin Cane Drone Reeds Inverted Bass setMelvin Cane Drone Reeds Inverted Bass set

Hand made cane drone reeds. Includes 1 inverted bass reed and 2 tenor reeds. Full harmonic sound.
Metal Clips-Google to see apply instructions.
McCallum Black Acetyl BagpipesMcCallum Black Acetyl Bagpipes
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Black Acetyl
McCallum black Acetyl bagpipes have virtually the same sound quality as the Blackwood bagpipes and the drones have identical dimensions to the Blackwood range of McCallum Bagpipes.... More...
Pipers Choice Reed BlockPipers Choice Reed Block

The Reed block from Pipers’ Choice is a great little item for easing reeds. Although it looks like a simple little device, there is a lot of though that goes into making these. By carefully placing ... More...
10pk Chanter Reed Bridles10pk Chanter Reed Bridles

Pack of 10 Chanter Reed Bridles. These are essential for reed manipulation, they should be placed on the reed turning the elastic twice to ease the reed while maintaining stability.
Donald MacPhee Bagpipe Chanter ReedDonald MacPhee Bagpipe Chanter Reed

Available in Easy and Medium Strengths
McCallum Curved Mouthpiece

5.5inches in plastic. Curved Mouthpiece making it easier on your teeth and posture
Crozier Carbon Drone ReedsCrozier Carbon Drone Reeds

Crozier Carbon Drone Reeds are similar to the Omega Drone Reeds in that they operate with a curved body which allows the flat carbon fiber tongue to vibrate. Unlike the Omega reeds where the curve is ... More...
Chesney Premium Practice ReedChesney Premium Practice Reed

The Chesney Premium Practice Chanter reed is moulded only in small batches. Designed using a new custom made copper staple - which enables the premium practice reed to be very free to blow and achieve... More...
RG Hardie Blackwood Pipe ChanterRG Hardie Blackwood Pipe Chanter
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Designed by Alastair Dunn, Double Gold Medalist and Pipe Sergeant of eleven-time World Champions Field Marshal Montgomery Pipe Band.