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R G Hardie Deluxe Pipe Chanter CaseR G Hardie Deluxe Pipe Chanter Case

The R.G. Hardie deluxe pipe chanter case provides protection for storing a pipe chanter which is essential for blackwood pipe chanters.
RGH01 Hardie BagpipesRGH01 Hardie Bagpipes
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Made from African Blackwood, R.G. Hardie bagpipes are the choice of military pipe bands and proudly owned by pipers worldwide. They have their own unique look and are available in a variety of afforda... More...
3pk Cane Drone Reed Bridles3pk Cane Drone Reed Bridles

Drone Reed Bridles - set of 3. These orange bridles are excellent for cane drone reeds. Over time the original bridle can come loose causing the reed to become unstable, at this time replace the bridl... More...
Ezeedrone Drone Reed Standard SetEzeedrone Drone Reed Standard Set

Perennial favourites Ezeedrone have for many years set the standards in synthetic drone reeds. More reliable than cane with less susceptibility to moisture and climate, Ezeedrone reeds are easily adju... More...
McCallum Practice Chanter MouthpieceMcCallum Practice Chanter Mouthpiece

To fit McCallum practice chanters
McCallum AB0 BagpipesMcCallum AB0 Bagpipes
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Classic style mounts, beaded alloy ferrules, beaded alloy ringcaps, alloy slides and a full alloy mouthpiece
McCallum Ceol Bagpipe ChanterMcCallum Ceol Bagpipe Chanter

McCallum's have been working on a completely revamped pipe band chanter, it is called the Ceòl pipe chanter.

Ceòl is Gaelic for music, the Ceòl pipe chanter creates music not just s... More...
G1 Practice Chanter ReedG1 Practice Chanter Reed

G1 practice chanter reeds are made from the finest raw materials producing a great sounding reed that is also durable and will outlast any reed you’ve had in the past.
MG Drone Reed Extenders for B Flat

MG Drone Reeds B Flat Adaptors Set – 2 Tenor, 1 Bass
Donald MacPhee 5 pack of Bagpipe Chanter ReedsDonald MacPhee 5 pack of Bagpipe Chanter Reeds

Available in Easy and Medium Strengths