Ayr Fire Solo Pipe ChanterAyr Fire Solo Pipe ChanterAyr Fire Solo Pipe Chanter
Ayr Fire Solo Pipe Chanter
The solo bagpipe has become an exceptionally refined instrument with pipers' expectations of their instrument being greater than ever.
While chanter design has improved enormously the one area that still proves to be inconsistent at best is the High G, and more specifically the 'piobaireachd High G'. Matching reed to chanter is critical to achieving the required stability to tackle some of the classic pieces in the piobaireachd repertoire. The AyrFire Chanter was crafted in collaboration with renowned piper, judge and reed maker, Colin MacLellan to overcome this problem. As well as giving the rich balanced tone that soloists expect, the unique elongated High G hole helps create stability while also giving greater scope for tuning. The fact that the High G hole is elongated means that tuning tape is normally required to cover at least half of the hole without compromising the tonal quality of the note. All chanters are supplied with a MacLellan chanter reed and a soft wood reed protector which will help prevent the build up of mould on the reed during drying out and also give longer reed life.
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