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HBT3 Blowpipe MountHBT3 Blowpipe Mount

Available for the HBT3 Tuner, the bracket is securely fastened by a velcro strap around your blowpipe stock freeing up your hands for tuning.
Mount the Bagpipe tuner on your blowpipe!
Silk Bagpipe CordsSilk Bagpipe Cords
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Cords are used to decorate and hold the drones in position, available in a range of colours.
Piper Corduroy Pipe Bag CoverPiper Corduroy Pipe Bag Cover
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The Piper Range products are designed especially for pipe bands, this top quality pipe bag cover will stand out from the crowd
McCallum Practice Chanter CaseMcCallum Practice Chanter Case

Standard case which will fit your practice chanter and reeds
PRC03P Long Plastic Practice ChanterPRC03P Long Plastic Practice Chanter
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R.G. Hardie Basic Long Plastic Practice Chanter.
Pipe Chanter Cleaning Brush

Thinner Cotton Brush
HBT2 SoftcaseHBT2 Softcase

Small soft-case for storing the HBT2 Tuner. Accommodates a clip microphone, earphone, tuning tape. Also great for storing Drone Reeds.
RG Hardie Weather Resistant Navy Bag CoverRG Hardie Weather Resistant Navy Bag Cover
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New Weather Resistant (WR) Piper Bagpipe Covers. Designed especially to protect your bagpipe bag from the harshest wet weather, the WR Piper Bagpipe Cover is constructed with special weather resistant... More...
Korg CM-100L Contact MicrophoneKorg CM-100L Contact Microphone
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Perfect compliment to any tuner that offers an audio input jack. The mic can be positioned to get a more sensitive reading, while allowing the tuner to be positioned for easier reading.

Bagpiper CaseBagpiper Case
£87.50 / £83.13

Case from Bagpiper

***Please contact us for Case delivery prices to all European Destinations as price varies greatly from one country to another. Email us blowpipesandstrikingdrum@hotm... More...