Bannatyne Practice Goose and McCallum Practice ChanterBannatyne Practice Goose and McCallum Practice Chanter
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Synthetic Bag with two plastic stocks to insert the blowpipe of the practice chanter and one for the chanter part of your practice chanter
Pipers Choice Goose AdapterPipers Choice Goose Adapter

Bagpipe Goose Adapter –
This adapter fits into the chanter stock to adapt a piper’s present regular-sized or large-sized practice chanter bottom to the bagpipe, to give an inexpensive goose... More...
Pipers Choice Goose Adapter with Airflow ValvePipers Choice Goose Adapter with Airflow Valve

Goose Adapter with Airflow Valve – This new feature on the goose adapter aids the beginning player in controlling their airflow when using the practice goose. Using the valve will allow the player t... More...
Practice Goose Deluxe

The Deluxe practice goose comes set up for those who would like to use their bagpipe chanter in a goose set-up. It comes with a synthetic pipe bag and it has stocks that fit the pipe chanter. The blow... More...
Practice Goose with Pipers Choice Long Chanter

Practicing can be made easy and fun when you play on a Practice Goose. The practice goose comes complete with a synthetic pipe bag, bag cover and a long practice chanter. The top of the practice chant... More...