Archie Kenneth collection of five books

Archie Kenneth is perhaps best known among piobaireachd enthusiasts as a member of the Music Committee of the Piobaireachd Society who almost single-handedly compiled the Society’s Books 11, 12, 13 ... More...
BBC Piobaireachd Book - Seumas MacNeill

A complete guide to the classical music of the great Highland bagpipe by one of the best writers on the subject
Binneas is Boreraig volume 1

Edited by Dr Roderick Ross
General Principles of PiobaireachdGeneral Principles of Piobaireachd

Comprehensive book by Andrew Wright on all you want to know about learning and playing piobaireachd.
NPC Highland Bagpipe Piobaireachd Tutor BookNPC Highland Bagpipe Piobaireachd Tutor Book

This book sets out the spelialised embellishments required to play Piobaireachd, together with tunes which are graded in order of difficulty.
It also explains the oral tradition of teaching ba... More...
Sight Readable Ceol Mor and CDsSight Readable Ceol Mor and CDs

Sight Readable Ceol Mor uses staff notation to allow a piper or musician, who can sight read, to play and understand the classical music of the Highland Bagpipe - Piobaireachd.
The book contain... More...
Piobaireachd Society Book 1Piobaireachd Society Book 1

The Piobaireachd Society has collected the available piobaireachd manuscripts and from these and the knowledge of the existing experts and players published 15 books with the piobaireachd, written in ... More...