Bagad Cap Caval CD & DVD OloleBagad Cap Caval CD & DVD Olole

This was recorded at the end of an extraordinary year for Bagad Cap Caval. Champion of Brittany bagadoĆ¹ and pipe band world champions in grade 2 ...
You will find in this box highlights from ... More...
Bagad Cap Caval CD Beo !Bagad Cap Caval CD Beo !

Music bigouden from the vice champions of 2011, 2012, 2013. A collection of tunes with energy and emotion that characterises this group.
Bagad Cap Caval CD TAN DE\'IBagad Cap Caval CD TAN DE'I

Bagad Cap Caval with music repertoire from Brittany, Galicia, Ireland, Scotland.
Always looking for original rich sounds of their past musical exchanges, the musicians of Bagad Cap Caval chose... More...
Bodenes - Hamon & Invites Daou Don Dans CDBodenes - Hamon & Invites Daou Don Dans CD

Traditional Breton Music with Steven Bodenes on Bombardes and Sylvain Hamon of Bagpipes / Cornemuses
Danger Mouse - Who Stole the BagpipesDanger Mouse - Who Stole the Bagpipes

Baron Greenback plans to take over the world by combining the sound of 10.000 stolen bagpipes he has hold up in Castle McStrangle. Luckily, Dangermouse has a good set of lungs up his chest. That is, o... More...