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Jim Kilpatrick Signature KP2 Snare StickJim Kilpatrick Signature KP2 Snare Stick

The KP2 is the world's best selling pipe band snare drum stick. Used by most of the top drum corps around the world, this stick has a perfect balance for total control and high definition and pitch fr... More...
Drum Dial Drum TriggerDrum Dial Drum Trigger

Connect the drum trigger to your drum module and properly adjust the module’s parameters (sensitivity, gain, threshold, noise, etc.) and volume.

Drum Dial for Measuring TensionDrum Dial for Measuring Tension

DrumDial quickly and precisely tunes all drums by accurately measuring drumhead tension NOT tension rod torque.

Evans Real Feel Drum PadEvans Real Feel Drum Pad
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Evans RealFeel™ practice pads are the most popular practice pad option available in the Evans range. Featuring a natural gum rubber playing surface with a dark gray fabric finish which resists wear ... More...
Gorilla Snot Pick & Stick Grip WaxGorilla Snot Pick & Stick Grip Wax


Gorilla Snot lets you hang on to your drumsticks or guitar pick even when your hands are bone dry or slick with
Moon Gel 14\' Workout PadMoon Gel 14' Workout Pad

RTOM's Workout Pad delivers a low-bounce portable practicing solution.
Premier Drum StickPremier Drum Stick
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A good all round stick for pipe band or marching band drummer
Jim Kilpatrick Signature Tuning Block BlueJim Kilpatrick Signature Tuning Block Blue

Andante, Pearl & Premier HTS 800
Rad Pad

The Rad Pad practice pad in orange is a Canadian made product, manufactured from 100% recycled materials.
QT Practice Pad MetronomeQT Practice Pad Metronome

The JMD-5 helps players to tighten their chops and rudiments with the integration of a practice pad and metronome.