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Jim Kilpatrick 13 inch Signature Drum PadJim Kilpatrick 13 inch Signature Drum Pad

The new Jim Kilpatrick Deluxe Practice Pad is like no other practice pad on the market. The 13" playing surface provides variable feels from the outside to the centre of the pad, enhancing the stick r... More...
Jim Kilpatrick Signature Practice Pad (Pink)Jim Kilpatrick Signature Practice Pad (Pink)

The new Jim Kilpatrick Signature practice pad is designed to produce an accurate rebound and stick response and will help to develop the ultimate drumming technique for stick control, feel and speed. ... More...
Jim Kilpatrick KP2 Signature Coloured Drum SticksJim Kilpatrick KP2 Signature Coloured Drum Sticks
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The world's best selling pipe band snare drum stick is now available in Black, White, Red, Blue, Pink, Green and Purple.
Drumming Mad Drum SticksDrumming Mad Drum Sticks

Start Sticks by Dean Hall, DrummingMad. Perfect for beginners!
Firefly Drum KeyFirefly Drum Key

Revolution Drum is proud to announce the arrival of the 2nd generation Firefly drum key.
Rhythm Maniacs ShakersRhythm Maniacs Shakers
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Choice of Skull or Bones in Black or White.

Remo Red Putty PadRemo Red Putty Pad

The Remo Putty Pad is a non-toxic putty that is designed for drummers who want to practice, no matter where they are.
Drumming Mad StartPadDrumming Mad StartPad

StartPadTM is a high quality and affordable practice pad for snare drummers.
Drumming Mad QuickStart Beginner BookDrumming Mad QuickStart Beginner Book

QuickStart® is a brief introduction to Pipe Band Drumming and is aimed at the would-be-drummer. Once you have completed this book, you will have learnt the correct way to hold the drumsticks, be amaz... More...
Jim Kilpatrick Signature Tuning Block BlackJim Kilpatrick Signature Tuning Block Black

Premier HTS 200 & HTS 700