Drumming Mad Drum SticksDrumming Mad Drum Sticks

Start Sticks by Dean Hall, DrummingMad. Perfect for beginners!
Jim Kilpatrick KP2 Signature Coloured Drum SticksJim Kilpatrick KP2 Signature Coloured Drum Sticks
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The world's best selling pipe band snare drum stick is now available in Black, White, Red, Blue, Pink, Green and Purple.
Jim Kilpatrick Signature KP1 Snare StickJim Kilpatrick Signature KP1 Snare Stick

The Jim Kilpatrick Signature KP1 is the original drum stick in the KP Signature stick line. First available in 1982, the stick has been used by generations and still proves itself to be a favourite to... More...
Jim Kilpatrick Signature KP2 Snare StickJim Kilpatrick Signature KP2 Snare Stick

The KP2 is the world's best selling pipe band snare drum stick. Used by most of the top drum corps around the world, this stick has a perfect balance for total control and high definition and pitch fr... More...
Stephen Creighton SC1 Drum StickStephen Creighton SC1 Drum Stick
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The stick has been designed to Stephens specification using the best raw materials. The stick is manufactured to the highest standards by Vater Percussion, the Worlds leading producer of drum sticks a... More...